Big Data Paris 2017

Big Data Paris 2017

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Airbus GAIA Rockets Through Big Data

7 March, 17:00

See Airbus' Hugo Falgarone showcase how they synchronize analysis and manufacture of airplanes with powerful data and graph visualizations. For the first time all assemblies and components on board are displayed and cross-referenced in real time on multi-touch screens using Tom Sawyer Perspectives. The Global Aircraft Integration & Analysis (GAIA) application also uses our software to integrate across 15 disparate data repositories in a single, fully synchronized visual environment.

Hugo's talk will soon be available on our YouTube channel. Stay tuned!

Tom Sawyer Software Hosts Big Data Workshop

6 March, 16:30

Join Kevin Madden, Chief Software Engineer at Tom Sawyer Software, in this interactive session as he demonstrates how Tom Sawyer Perspectives helps enterprises solve their Big Data visualization and analysis challenges.