Learn from AIG How to Visualize and Model Risk to Reduce Propagation at GraphConnect

Learn How to Rapidly Build Graph and Data Applications on Neo4j

Learn from AIG how to use graph visualization to model and reduce risk propagation and see live demonstrations of Neo4j premier graph visualizations at GraphConnect

What if you could see the true path of risk and a comprehensive diagram of dependencies that impact outcomes throughout the organization's ecosystem?

Talk to our experts and learn why global banks, insurance companies, and credit bureaus use Tom Sawyer Perspectives and Neo4j to find key relationships in complex data, analyze risk, and make critical business decisions. Learn how innovative features, such as schema extraction, make it easier and faster to build applications.

Contact us to schedule a time to meet up at the event. We are proud to be a Silver sponsor.

AIG Case Study Session on Visualizing Risk

See Jim Barrett of AIG present Picture This: Visualizing Propagation of Risk Before It Spreads at GraphConnect

AIG Case Study Session on Visualizing Risk

September 20, 4:00 p.m. — Picture This: How AIG Visualizes Propagation of Risk

Attend our case study session to find out how James (Jim) Barrett of AIG, a global insurance company, is using Tom Sawyer Perspectives and Neo4j to visualize risk propagation throughout the firm's infrastructure.

Jim will also discuss visualization of risk and data flows and how they provide a much quicker and more comprehensive understanding of complexity and propagation of risk than textual documentation.

See Live Demonstrations at Our Booth

Stop by our booth at GraphConnect to see live demonstrations of our powerful graph and data visualization solutions

Meet our graph experts and see live demonstrations of the industry's most powerful graph and data visualization software. We will showcase our new save-to-Neo4j capability that allows end users to save changes to the elements of a Neo4j graph database without the need for technical knowledge.

See why customers like Airbus, AIG, Equifax, NASA JPL, Sanofi, Toyota, and others rely on us for their graph analysis and visualization.

About GraphConnect

GraphConnect will be held on September 20–21, 2018 at the New York Marriott Marquis in the heart of Times Square

About GraphConnect

GraphConnect is the global gathering of the graph technology community. Making its third appearance in New York, GraphConnect 2018 will welcome the largest-ever gathering of graph database developers, architects, and CTOs all under one roof at the Marriott Marquis in Times Square.

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