Graphorum 2019: Learn How Our Innovative Graph Technology Provides Powerful Business Intelligence and Real-time Results in Our Case Study

Meet Our Graph Analytics and Ontology Expert in Chicago at Graphorum 2019

Come see powerful graph and data visualization and analysis capabilities at Graphorum 2019

We are proud to be a speaker and gold sponsor of Graphorum 2019! As a pioneer in graph analytics and network visualizations, we look forward to connecting with other data analysts and graph visualization experts. Our core technology, Tom Sawyer Perspectives, integrates complex big data from diverse data sources such as Neo4j, Amazon Neptune, Microsoft Azure Cosmos DB, and Oracle. This allows customers like AIG, DoJ, Express Scripts, NASA, and more to build applications that solve real-world problems with knowledge graphs, analytics, and custom visualizations.

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Attend Our Conference Session: Graphs Transform Chemical Discovery in Pharmaceutical Research

See a demonstration of the features of the chemical graph search application powered by Tom Sawyer Perspectives at Graphorum 2019

Attend Our Conference Session: Graphs Transform Chemical Discovery in Pharmaceutical Research

Liana Kiff, Senior Solutions Manager, will present “Graphs Transform Chemical Discovery in Pharmaceutical Research”
at Graphorum 2019

Liana Kiff

October 14, 12:00 p.m. at Graphorum 2019

A leading pharmaceutical company needed an efficient way to discover and select chemical structures from complex big data; they turned to graph technology for the solution. In this case study session, Tom Sawyer Software Senior Solutions Manager Liana Kiff will discuss end user requirements, technical challenges, legacy technology gaps, and the solution stack. She’ll also show a demonstration of the resultant Tom Sawyer Perspectives-powered chemical graph search application.

See Live Demonstrations of Our Built-in Graph Analytics and Expanded Enterprise Data Sources

Learn how companies use our social network analysis technology to gain actionable insights

The latest releases of Tom Sawyer Graph Database Browser and Tom Sawyer Perspectives feature improvements in performance and quality–specifically for large graphs and social network analysis, and expanded support for SPARQL queries. Our visualization experts will show how our applications can be used to define graph database schemas, set analysis parameters, and customize views, filters, and searches to produce actionable graph analytics and visualizations. Join us at our booth at Graphorum 2019.

About Graphorum

Learn more about our solutions at Graphorum 2019

About Graphorum

Graphorum will bring together leaders, practitioners, and teachers in the field of big data gathering, visualization, and analysis. As an educational platform, the event hopes to promote an understanding of what the rapidly-growing graph technology industry can do for you and your organization. Designed to accommodate all levels of technical understanding, Graphorum will bring together emerging disciplines that are focused on areas such as graph analytics, business intelligence, machine learning, AI, graph algorithms, data modeling, and much, much more.