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Data relationships are everywhere, among employees in an organization, elements in a network, genes in a biochemical pathway, and vendors in a supply chain. Customers with needs in link analysis, network topology, schematics and models, and dependencies, flows, and processes rely on our data relationship integration, visualization, layout, and analysis expertise. As advanced specialists in graph technology, we can help you gain new understanding from your data and increase the appeal of your applications. We offer mature and market-proven products, comprehensive services, and excellent technical support to help you succeed.

Company News

Tom Sawyer Software Hosts Joint Webinar with Neo Technology

April 3, 2014. Add Powerful Visualization and Analysis Capabilities to your Existing Neo4j Database with the Cypher Query Language.

Tom Sawyer Software Hosts Networking and Service Topology Webinar

March 27, 2014. Use Data Relationship Visualization and Analysis to Generate More Accurate Understanding of Your Network Operations.

Tom Sawyer Software to Exhibit at TM Forumís Digital Disruption 2013

October 18, 2013. Tom Sawyer Software to Join Leading Telecommunications Companies in San Jose, California.

Product News

Tom Sawyer Software Releases Tom Sawyer Perspectives, Version 6.0, Java Edition

February 27, 2014. Introduces New Neo4j Cypher Query Data Integration Support.

Tom Sawyer Software Releases Tom Sawyer Perspectives, Version 5.2, .NET Edition

December 12, 2013. Enables Strategic Corporate and Government Applications Development in a Fraction of the Time.

Tom Sawyer Software Releases Tom Sawyer Perspectives, Version 5.2

November 7, 2013. Introduces web table incremental data loading to improve application response time and scalability for very large data models.