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Analyze and visualize engineering data for 20/20 vision

Whether your role is in Systems Engineering, Product Development, or Enterprise IT, management of your critical systems encompasses many concerns, and involves many stakeholders and their specific requirements.  Analyzing and visualizing connections through many layers, competing concerns, and across time is critical to managing robust products and networks.

We work with our customers to improve the development and management of complex systems in every domain.

  • Improve supply chain management
  • Solve resource allocation in manufacturing
  • Enable cradle-to-grave product lifecycle management
  • Link and navigate logical and physical layers in a digital twin
  • Design and manage business processes
  • Support discrete engineering disciplines

Tom Sawyer Software worked with Skydea to build a new user experience that navigates engineering data across logical and physical layers of the design. 

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Making Connections

Our customers depend upon Tom Sawyer Software to help their teams
work more effectively with their existing tools and with other stakeholders.

Model Based Engineering

Demystify engineering diagrams

Diagrams are essential to understanding, but costly to maintain. Different stakeholders need different details. Keeping static drawings up-to-date and consistent is expensive and error-prone. Tom Sawyer Software can rescue your teams from this never-ending cycle and generate consistent and interactive diagrams that are always up-to-date.

Business Process Modeling with swimlanes

Connect legacy tools and processes

Providing your teams with the right tools for each stage in the product lifecycle sometimes leaves your data stranded where only a few people can use it. Let Tom Sawyer Software help you to bridge those divides, without disrupting what is already working.

Global map view of retail network

Inform and empower stakeholders

Many important stakeholders are not engineers. Tom Sawyer Software can help you to provide the information they require, when they need it, without impeding them with tools that don't work for them, or taking time from engineering to deliver what they require.

Microwave traffic and bandwidth

Reveal hidden insights

Significantly reduce hours spent tracing related information from adjacent tools in your enterprise. Tom Sawyer Software can connect that data at run-time with our native graph in-memory model. Use swim lanes to separate concerns and call out inconsistencies, trace root causes, or analyze upstream and downstream effects.

Betweeness analysis and bundled layout

Navigate and analyze connected data

Tom Sawyer Software's native in-memory graph provides just-in-time integration of the latest data from various tools in your engineering environment. Provide ready access to information from design-time to run-time. Enable smooth navigation in any direction you need to explore, even without an established data lake.


Requirements analysis with swimlanes

Improve quality and lower costs

Discover and address inconsistencies that plague your development and maintenance teams at any stage of the lifecycle. Tom Sawyer Software delivers seamless traceability for faster resolutions with fewer side-effects. Help your users find their way to the information they need: manage complexity with swimlanes, group and collapse information, trace upstream and downstream effects, and flag non-compliant elements for resolution.

Navigating logical and physical information

Explore and evaluate a digital twin

Building an accurate digital twin with the resolution your operations require can be a challenge. Making it available to the people that need it can be even more difficult. Tom Sawyer Software can work with you to build the interactions that empower people to use the digital twin to drive value internally or for your customers.


Analyzing a supply chain

Make informed decisions

Graph-based integration delivers the freedom to follow connected data trails that describe complex systems from cradle to grave, and across the data silos created by separate tools. Tom Sawyer Software delivers the insights that support sound decisions and illustrates the impact on cost, quality and risk.

Two solutions to fit your engineering environment

Off-the-shelf value with Model Based Engineering

Our Model-Based Engineering product for CATIA™ and SysML1.X can handle complex diagrams with thousands of elements and relationships by rendering interactive diagrams directly from underlying model definitions. Use it with Teamwork Cloud on the web or with Cameo or MagicDraw on the desktop.

Custom solution with Tom Sawyer Perspectives

If you use other tooling for your engineering, talk to us about support for IBM Rhapsody, Open MBEE, or other data and service providers in your environment.

Learn how you can improve productivity, decrease waste, and improve the quality of your final product, by leveraging the investments you've already made.

Model-Based Engineering

Realize more value from your engineering efforts, and your engineering data


Make time for Engineering

Experience shows that engineers can spend up to 80% of their time making better drawings for various stakeholders. Our high-precision automated drawing capabilities can reduce that workload to 5%!

Engineers are your company’s most critical resource. Hiring and retaining great engineers is more challenging every year. Help your engineers to spend more of their day on value-added engineering tasks to meet aggressive delivery goals. 

A Model-Based approach for visualizing technical data will save your engineers from countless hours manipulating incomplete and inelegantly arranged drawings to meet the demands of various stakeholders.

Empower all stakeholders to make informed decisions

Provide your team with the power to access all the engineering data, all of the time.



Generate elegant diagrams in seconds


Show varying levels of detail on demand


Interactively navigate, filter and zoom


Meet the needs of various stakeholders and their concerns

Save time and money

Our Model-Based Engineering expertise knows no bounds! Our Model-Based Engineering application for Catia and SysML 1.X will quickly generate diagrams for your Block Definition, Internal Block, and Parametric Diagrams, and produce consistently readable layouts for your other existing diagrams. Focus your time and effort on modeling and analysis. Easily and automatically enforce SysML drawing conventions for consistent, readable, and dynamic diagrams using built-in layout algorithms. Ask us about a free trial.

Generated Block Definition Diagram


Integrate and innovate with leading tools


Brilliant ideas came to light when Sanofi and Tom Sawyer Software combined the best domain expertise with best-in-class tools to accelerate discovery.

When you can’t find a comprehensive tool to solve every challenge for your engineering team, Tom Sawyer Perspectives can help to connect the data you have to reach new heights.

Perspectives is a low-code graph visualization and analysis development platform. Integrated design and preview interfaces and extensive API libraries allow developers to quickly create custom applications that intuitively solve big data problems.

With Perspectives, you don’t need to wait for the perfect tool to come along or wait for tool vendors to build integrations for your data. Use Perspectives to link the critical data in your environment from third-party tools through existing APIs.

See example Perspectives applications in action

Built using Tom Sawyer Perspectives, these example applications show the art of the possible. Sign up and explore.


Network Editor

Interact with the devices and connections in an IT network. Find each device's status by following color-coded badges, blinking icons, and colored edges. Update elements to show critical status. And use the Navigate Links feature to follow the path of connected devices.
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Model-Based Engineering

Experience the benefits of automated and interactive engineering diagrams. Explore the block definition diagram, internal block diagram, package diagram, and more in this SysML-compliant hybrid SUV model. In the drawing view, switch between text and iconic styles. Then load related elements to expand your view.
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Microwave Network

Manage the base transceiver station devices and antennas of a microwave transmission network. Observe edge colors and thickness to determine real-time connection loads and capacity as you run Shortest Path analysis to find the fastest communication routes.
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Pick the deployment option that works for your teams



Use our Model-Based Engineering plug-in for MagicDraw or Cameo Systems Modeler to render diagrams directly from existing model definitions on your desktop, or build a plug-in for your preferred desktop engineering environment.


Web Application

Access highly interactive and customizable Engineering visualizations in a cloud environment where engineers and other stakeholders can collaborate to analyze models.



Use Perspectives to create your own, customized Engineering visualization and analysis application with views and arrangements that perfectly fit your use case.

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