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AWS Amazon Neptune, PwC, and Tom Sawyer Software to Highlight Graph Visualization Use Cases at AWS re:Invent 2018

Attend AWS re:Invent Amazon Neptune Sessions and See the New Tom Sawyer Graph Database Browser Live

Berkeley, CA, November 14, 2018—Tom Sawyer Software, the global leader in graph and data visualization and analysis technology, will announce at AWS re:Invent 2018 that Tom Sawyer Graph Database Browser is available for free trial and purchase on AWS Marketplace. Our graph database browser, which works with Amazon Neptune, Apache TinkerPop, and Neo4j, is the first and only end-to-end visualization application that imports data directly from Amazon Simple Storage Service (S3) into Amazon Neptune, so you don't have to use command line tools.

Tom Sawyer Graph Database Browser, built with Tom Sawyer Perspectives, will be showcased throughout the week of November 26 at AWS re:Invent.

We are honored to participate in the Amazon Neptune and PwC use case session and in four fraud detection Neptune builders sessions at the event.

Our graph and data visualization experts at AWS re:Invent 2017

Corinne Koder, Product Development Director, to Join AWS and PwC in a Neptune Case Study Session

Corinne Koder will present in a Neptune use case session alongside Brad Bebee, Principal Product Manager, Amazon Web Services, and Anton Fajardo, Senior Director Strategic Technologies, PwC.

To learn how you can solve complex business and data problems with graph visualization technology and visualize your graph data in Amazon Neptune with our graph database browser, attend the session:

How Do I Know I Need an Amazon Neptune Graph Database? on Tuesday, November 27 at 4:45 p.m. at the Venetian.

See Corrine present How Do I Know I Need an Amazon Neptune Graph Database?

Meet Corinne Koder and Kevin Madden, Chief Software Engineer, in Neptune Builders Sessions

Corinne Koder and Kevin Madden will show AWS re:Invent attendees how to use our Graph Database Browser to identify fraudulent activity and persons of interest in a crime dataset.

To get hands-on training on Tom Sawyer Graph Database Browser, attend the builders sessions:

Fraud Detection with Amazon Neptune and Tom Sawyer Software throughout the week.

Receive hands-on training from Corrine and Kevin during the Fraud Detection with Amazon Neptune and Tom Sawyer Software builders sessions

We look forward to seeing you at AWS re:Invent. We're excited to show how Tom Sawyer Graph Database Browser enables you to more effectively explore graphs with clean, powerful graph layout styles and perform social network analysis, clustering, and more.

To try a free demonstration, request an evaluation, or contact us for more information, visit us here.

You can also continue the conversation by following us on Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook.

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Tom Sawyer Software is the leading provider of software and services that enable organizations to build highly scalable and flexible graph and data visualization and analysis applications. These applications are used to discover hidden patterns, complex relationships, and key trends in large and diverse datasets. Tom Sawyer Software serves clients with needs in link analysis; network topology; architectures and models; schematics and maps; and dependencies, flows, and processes. We help clients federate and integrate their data from multiple sources and build the graph and data visualization applications that are critical to analyzing and gaining insight into their data.

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