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Neo4j 3.5.1, AWS IAM, and Amazon Neptune RDF Support Enhances Data Access and Enterprise Security

Tom Sawyer Perspectives 8.3 Beta Enhancements Include Connector Customization, Model-Based Engineering Graphics, and Graph Database Browser Support for JanusGraph and AWS IAM

Berkeley, CA, January 30, 2019—Tom Sawyer Software, the global leader in graph and data visualization and analysis technology, announces the release of Tom Sawyer Perspectives 8.3 Beta.

Model-Based Engineering customers in aerospace, automotive, and consumer products are excited about powerful enhancements in this release. For example, customers have more options for connector placement and labeling in complex diagrams and enterprise customers can edit and save diagrams on the web.

Data Access and Security Enhancements for Enterprise Customers

AWS IAM, Amazon Neptune RDF, and Neo4j 3.5.1 Support, Save to Amazon Neptune and Apache TinkerPop, and Enhanced Connectors Available in Tom Sawyer Perspectives 8.3 Beta

For enterprise graph database customers, this release adds support for Neo4j 3.5.1 and Amazon Neptune RDF. Customers can also save directly to Amazon Neptune and Apache TinkerPop databases.

To support our Amazon Neptune customers, this release features AWS Identity and Access Management (IAM). Now customers can use AWS IAM to authenticate their instance or cluster when using Tom Sawyer Perspectives. Amazon Neptune users can now connect with and query Amazon Neptune databases as a SPARQL Endpoint with RDF.

Additionally, Tom Sawyer Graph Database Browser enhances enterprise data security and access with support for AWS IAM. We've also made it easier for non-technical users to query their graph database with query autocomplete and syntax highlighting.

"We are focused on helping enterprise customers solve complex problems with enhanced data access and more sophisticated and rapid customization of diagrams," said Brendan Madden, Chief Executive of Tom Sawyer Software. "Our Model-Based Engineering customers are excited about the enhanced node growth model, connector constraints, connector label rotation, left-to-right hierarchical layout, and drawing element coloring that enables greater customization in this release."

RDF Schema Extraction and Save to Amazon Neptune and Apache TinkerPop

Schema Extraction for RDF and Save to Amazon Neptune and Apache TinkerPop Available in Tom Sawyer Perspectives 8.3 Beta

Graph and Data Visualization customers are excited to see support for AWS IAM, Amazon Neptune RDF, and Neo4j 3.5.1. This release adds RDF schema extraction support for Amazon Neptune, AllegroGraph, and Stardog. In addition, developers can create Amazon Neptune and Apache TinkerPop applications with the ability to design, author, and edit the graph database.

Our exciting new connector enhancement adds support for a node growth model by optionally rotating connector labels. The node will grow as needed to comfortably fit the interior contents of the node. Customers can customize their drawings by specifying the connector labels they want to rotate and they can control the placement and order of connectors for specific layout results. Customers will also see performance improvements such as large, complex graphs that open 22% faster with symmetric layout, and an improved filtering framework in which all the views will update more quickly.

Model-Based Engineering Adds Graphics Enhancements and More Customization

MBSE Drawings Can Be Customized with Element Coloring and Left-to-Right Hierarchical Layout in Tom Sawyer Perspectives 8.3 Beta

For Model-Based Engineering customers, we've made enhancements that include left-to-right hierarchical layout and drawing element coloring options for nodes and ports. Engineers can now show or hide selected elements of SysML diagrams to create cleaner drawings. In addition, web-based users can save element placement changes and restore that element placement when opening SysML diagrams later. To try a free demonstration, click here.

Tom Sawyer Perspectives 8.3 Beta offers new and enhanced functionality including:

These features are now available in the beta release. For more details, please see the Release Notes. To try a free demonstration, click here.

Contact us for more details and to learn why leading global organizations such as Airbus, General Electric, IBM, JPL, Lockheed Martin, NASA, Procter & Gamble, Sanofi, and Toyota rely on Tom Sawyer Software for mission-critical solutions.

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