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Tom Sawyer Software Releases Updated Java Visualization Software

Tom Sawyer Visualization, Version 9.1, Java Edition, Brings Dramatic Visualization and Layout Performance Improvements

Oakland, CA, May 20, 2010—Tom Sawyer Software, the leading provider of high-performance graph visualization, layout, and analysis solutions, announces the release of Tom Sawyer Visualization, Version 9.1, Java Edition.

The Tom Sawyer Visualization product line delivers sophisticated component technology that manages, reveals, and displays graphical, customized views of relational data, making it possible to immediately identify relationships, connections, and emerging patterns within the data. The software displays pathways, models, flows, dependencies, networks, and schematics in a comprehensive visual format.

New Benefits

Tom Sawyer Visualization, Version 9.1, Java Edition, brings dramatic visualization and layout performance improvements. The entire visualization and layout architectures have been optimized. For example, there are considerable rendering performance improvements and layout speed is improved by twenty to sixty percent. Further, the documentation has been significantly revamped.

This release also introduces improved support for multi-threaded applications, an Overview window that responds dynamically, and accelerated selection. Further, layout animation is enabled by default and XML reading and writing speed have increased by fifteen percent.

There have also been many new Apple Mac OS X refinements and documentation improvements. The tutorials have been enhanced to run more smoothly and there is a new Eclipse SWT tutorial.

All layouts perform twenty to sixty percent faster. When using circular layout, users can take advantage of improved edge labeling with dense drawings, enhanced clustering quality, and refined clustering options. The hierarchical layout style has improved edge labeling with polyline and orthogonal routing. In addition, orthogonal layout provides enhanced group constraint quality and symmetric layout provides enhanced routing with connectors.

New Features

Tom Sawyer Visualization, Version 9.1, offers new and enhanced features:







About Tom Sawyer Software

Tom Sawyer Software is the leading provider of software and services that enable organizations to build highly scalable and flexible graph and data visualization and analysis applications. These applications are used to discover hidden patterns, complex relationships, and key trends in large and diverse datasets. Tom Sawyer Software serves clients with needs in link analysis; network topology; architectures and models; schematics and maps; and dependencies, flows, and processes. We help clients federate and integrate their data from multiple sources and build the graph and data visualization applications that are critical to analyzing and gaining insight into their data.

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