Tom Sawyer Analysis, C++ Edition


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Release Notes

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Request an evaluation to build a proof of concept application. The evaluation software comes complete with product documentation, tutorials, source code examples, and technical support.


Add immediate value to your application by incorporating these robust features:

  • 32-bit support
  • 64-bit support
  • Flexible component architecture
  • Ease of integration
  • Internationalizable
  • Compatible with Tom Sawyer Visualization
  • Compatible with Tom Sawyer Layout
  • HTML format with content tabs
  • Global search capability
  • Practical, in-depth tutorials
  • Design, development, and deployment guides
  • Detailed API references
  • Batch graph population
  • Efficient graph iteration
  • XML read and write
  • Cycle detection
  • Centrality measures
  • Clustering
  • Partitioning
  • Dependency analysis
  • Path finding
  • Impact analysis
  • Network flow
  • Root cause
  • Traversals

System Requirements

This table describes the supported operating systems and development environments.

Operating System Architecture Development Environments
Apple OS X 10.8
Apple OS X 10.9
Intel Xcode 5
Microsoft Windows 7
Microsoft Windows 8
Microsoft Windows 8.1
Microsoft Windows Server 2008
Microsoft Windows Server 2012
Intel-compatible Microsoft Visual Studio 2010
Microsoft Visual Studio 2012
Microsoft Visual Studio 2013
Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6 Intel-compatible GNU C++ 4.4
Oracle Solaris 10
Oracle Solaris 11
GNU C++ 3.4
GNU C++ 4.5

Available upon request.