Tom Sawyer Layout


Tom Sawyer Layout is a software development kit (SDK) that provides nested drawing data models and layout, labeling, and routing technology for applications that have their own graphical framework.

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Tom Sawyer Layout is intended for applications that already have graphics facilities in place, and that still need automatic layout capabilities. Tom Sawyer Layout provides a variety of high-quality layout algorithms with superior performance and scalability.

Tom Sawyer Layout permits software developers to populate a nested drawing data model, set drawing specifications, choose a desired drawing style, and perform automatic drawing formatting. This drawing formatting sets node positions and sizes, adjusts line routing, and positions labels based on the software developer's precise specifications. The results can then be rendered in the application's graphical framework.

Betweeness Centrality

Circular Layout


Hierarchical Layout

Minimum Cut

Orthogonal Layout

Root Cause

Symmetric Layout

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Tom Sawyer Layout is available in C++, Java, ActiveX, and .NET editions. Select the edition that meets your needs to see additional detail.