Tom Sawyer Visualization, Java Edition

Release 9.2.0

DateApril 13, 2011


This release provides all of the documentation in HTML format, with global search capability. Additionally, this release addresses the needs of several of our large network management customers.



  • Added batch processing APIs for improved drawing creation performance


  • All layout
    • Enabled treating certain child drawings as fixed during nested drawing layout


  • Added search capability across all documentation



  • Added new Switch UI element
  • Added option to preserve owner node position during nested drawing changes


  • All layout
    • Enhanced node and edge embedding during incremental layout
    • Enhanced moveable connector placement when multiple edges are attached
  • Circular layout
    • Improved cluster spacing
    • Improved node spacing within clusters
    • Refined drawing fitting
  • Symmetric layout
    • Refined drawing fitting


  • Improved API documentation
  • Converted all documentation to HTML format


  • Enabled Apple Mac OS X global menu support

System Requirements

  • Dropped support for Apple Mac OS X 10.5


  • Drawing manager meta-edge APIs return consistent results when meta-edges are not viewable
  • Drawing fitting is respected when arranging connected components in the orthogonal layout style
  • Layout calculates optimal expanded node size when fixed connector labels are present
  • Drawing canvas displays correctly in Apple Mac OS X
  • Nesting border displays correctly at all zoom levels
  • Top-justified text displays correctly at all zoom levels
  • Rotation UI element behaves correctly when drawing object bounds are not set
  • Layout properties margin spacing aligns correctly in Apple Mac OS X
  • The demonstration application running as an Applet displays the Overview correctly
  • Option enables exporting non-standard Type 1 fonts into PDF


  • Every Java applet currently has serious issues with Google Chrome 10 and Firefox 4. These issues are expected to be addressed in a Java update.