Fraud Detection


Fraud and corruption impact the lives of millions of people, reducing opportunity and impacting the financial health of corporations and individuals. Fraud is typically carried out by multiple parties that, by their very nature, strive to remain hidden in plain sight. As a result, many industries have adopted fraud detection solutions to detect and combat fraud.

Fraudulent activities, such as identity theft and compromises to secure corporate and government networks, have increased dramatically in recent years. Because of the high stakes involved, the many people impacted, and the amount of money at stake, fraud detection is critical to governance in finance and banking, government, law enforcement, insurance, healthcare, taxation, and other industries.

Through powerful graph and data visualization, these organizations can visualize the steps that individuals take to commit fraud, see the relationships between fraudulent activities, view the pathways through which transactions occur, and review the patterns in historical fraudulent behavior to perform predictive analysis.

Utilizing powerful graph and social network analysis, organizations can identify the key, highly connected individuals participating in fraud in order to track down the influencers and ringleaders to eventually dismantle these networks.


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