AWS Marketplace Features Perspectives Deployment Container
and Graph Database Browser

Easily Integrate with Amazon Neptune

AWS Marketplace is the home away from home for Tom Sawyer Software products.

Perspectives application developers can deploy and monitor applications on AWS Marketplace for Containers. This provides the reliable, secure AWS container architecture while allowing automatic scaling based on user demand.

Likewise, users wanting a powerful, easy-to-use web application that instantly visualizes graph database data can find Tom Sawyer Graph Database Browser on AWS Marketplace and AWS GovCloud (US).  AWS Marketplace makes it easy to find, test, license, and deploy the Graph Database Browser application from within a secure environment.

Effortlessly Scale Users with Perspectives Containers

The use of containers inherently enables greater portability, security, scalability, and modularity. Individual services can be scaled efficiently based on demand. Perspectives application developers can follow a simple model using Docker and then easily deploy to the AWS cloud using managed services like Amazon Elastic Container Service (Amazon ECS), Amazon Elastic Kubernetes Service (Amazon EKS), and AWS Fargate.


Gone are the days of estimating users and deployment licenses based on unknown metrics. When you deploy your Perspectives application on AWS Marketplace for Containers, simply set your autoscale policies and the system scales up or down to accommodate users as needed.

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Integrate Data from
Amazon Neptune

Both Perspectives and Graph Database Browser support Amazon Neptune. Amazon Neptune is a fast, reliable, fully managed graph database service that allows you to easily operate graph databases without worrying about hardware provisioning, software patching, setup, configuration, or backups.

Amazon Neptune joins Neo4j, JanusGraph, Microsoft Azure Cosmos DB, and more in the ever-growing list of popular graph databases available for analysis in Perspectives.

Amazon Neptune


It's easy to start Graph Database Browser on AWS Marketplace

Step 1: Log on to Graph Database Browser

Sign in

Sign in to AWS Marketplace and go to the Graph Database Browser product page.
Step 2: Connect to your graph database


Follow the steps in the Getting Started Guide to set up your virtual machine with Graph Database Browser on AWS Marketplace.
Step 3: Instantly visualize and interact with your data


Instantly visualize and interact with the data in your databases.

Graph Database Connections Revealed Whitepaper

Learn how to accelerate insights of your graph database through automated graph visualization and analysis.

Graph Database Browser Whitepaper

Explore Covid-19 Research with Amazon Neptune and Graph Database Browser

In 2020, AWS created a public COVID-19 data lake containing various datasets used to help in the fight against the pandemic. Learn how they used Amazon Neptune and Graph Database Browser to explore that data.

Choose from flexible purchasing and deployment options

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  • Purchase Graph Database Browser on AWS Marketplace
  • Host your application on AWS EC2 instance in any region including AWS GovCloud (US)
  • Flexible usage-based pricing
  • Scale up and down, or turn on and off as needed
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  • Deploy and monitor your Perspectives application using the reliable, secure AWS container architecture
  • Automatically scale based on user demand
  • Manage your services through container orchestration
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