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Automatically lay out diagrams into interactive, customized visualizations.

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The ultimate tool for systems engineers

Model-Based Engineering quickly generates diagrams for your Block Definition, Internal Block, and Parametric Diagrams. The application mines the data that describes your SysML model, finds the elements and connections that need to appear in your diagram, and then creates it. Voila!

Model-Based Engineering saves systems engineers from hours of time manipulating incomplete and inelegantly arranged drawings to meet the demands of various stakeholders.

Generates rigorous SysML diagrams in seconds.


Generates rigorous SysML diagrams in seconds
Model-Based Engineering shows varying levels of detail on demand.


Shows varying levels of detail on demand
Model-Based Engineering allows end-user to navigate, filter, and zoom.


Allows end users to navigate, filter, and zoom
Saves and restores drawings across user sessions.


Saves and restores drawings across user sessions

Instantly create
presentation-quality diagrams

Previously, systems engineers spent 80% of their time arranging diagrams. Using Model-Based Engineering, that number drops to only 5%.

Focus your time and effort on modeling and analysis. Easily and automatically enforce standard drawing conventions for consistent, readable, and dynamic diagrams using built-in layout algorithms.

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Integration with leading modeling tools

Model-Based Engineering can handle complex diagrams with thousands of elements and relationships by rendering diagrams directly from model definitions in Teamwork Cloud on the web and in MagicDraw on the desktop.

If you use other tooling programs for your system engineering, talk to us about support for IBM Rhapsody, Enterprise Architect, or other model stores and data providers.

Teamwork Cloud

Innovative diagramming features

  • Add custom element coloring by stereotype or metaclass

  • Identify bus nodes quickly with special rendering in the diagram

  • Set node and port constraints to control port placement—left or right side, inside or outside the node, or rotated with the text

  • Group elements into a nested drawing structure to control the level of detail shown

  • Incrementally load related elements directly from the SysML model

Tom Sawyer Software continues to add useful visualization and analysis capabilities to its MBSE plug-in.  These enable modelers to focus on modeling, not chartsmithing, and help stakeholders obtain clear, powerful representations of model content.  

Advancing the practice of digital engineering will increasingly depend upon intelligent use of automation, and Tom Sawyer Software’s engagement with the worldwide modeling community is helping facilitate that transformation.

University of Detroit Mercy
Michael J. Vinarcik, ESEP-Acq, FESD, Adjunct Professor, University of Detroit Mercy

Know your audience

You understand your system design objectives. But often you need to clearly explain those objectives to different kinds of audiences.

With Model-Based Engineering, a single click transforms your diagram from a highly technical layout to an inviting iconic style.

Drag the center bar from left to right to see the diagram switch between Iconic and Text visual styles.

Validate the consistency of your Internal Block model.

Check your work

Use the generated drawings to validate the consistency of your model by ignoring drawing boundaries and finding hidden or missing connections and inconsistencies.

Now you see me

View exactly the elements you need through advanced filtering and selective hide and show features.



OMG Systems Modeling Language

Improving the model

In addition to being proud members of OMG, Tom Sawyer Software also co-leads the visualization focus area of the OMG SysML 2.0 Working Group.

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