Graph Application Proof of Concept

Our solutions experts can bring your vision to life with a custom graph application proof of concept.

Sometimes you and your stakeholders need to see the possibilities

You are acutely aware of the data challenges your business faces, and you have a vision for how to achieve the results your stakeholders demand. 

As part of test-driving Perspectives, our low-code application development platform, we'll partner with you to develop a custom graph visualization application proof of concept (POC). With our decades of graph experience, we can recommend visualization, analysis, and other graph strategies you may not have considered that reveal actionable insights into your data. 

Engage with Tom Sawyer Software and watch your graph application dream become a reality and wow your stakeholders.

Tom Sawyer Software can transform your large and complex data set—no matter the data source—into actionable visualizations. Drag the slider to see the before and after

Tom Sawyer Software transforms your large and complex data set—no matter the data source—into actionable visualizations as seen in this graph-driven application.

Transformation of complex data into actionable visualizations

In today's world, data is being generated at an unprecedented rate. With such a vast amount of data, it is often difficult to find the right approach. This is where a graph visualization proof of concept comes in.

Our graph application design allows you to transform your complex data into actionable visualizations that identify key insights and effectively communicate those insights to your intended audience.

Application development with graph databases

In the world of application development, the database used to store and retrieve data is one of the most important considerations when building a graph-based application. Graph databases are one popular type of database, but graph-based techniques can be applied to nearly any data source.

Supporting a broad range of databases and data formats is essential for any graph tool. Tom Sawyer Perspectives supports graph databases, relational databases, and a wide-range of data formats including Amazon Neptune, SQL, Excel, and Neo4j.

Developing your proof of concept is as easy as 1-2-3

While there is an art to solving problems with graph technologies, we have our POC-development process down to a science.

Our team of graph application experts works with you to understand your pain points and what use case you would like to achieve. We also request a sample of your data so we can analyze the structure and use it for the POC. No worries, your data is yours. Provide us with obfuscated data for peace of mind.


Utilizing Perspectives, our SDK and low-code application-development platform, we build a custom graph application that incorporates our advanced graph visualization and analysis techniques and capabilities. We work with you closely during this stage to ensure we're on the right track.


In about three weeks, we will present an example web application that showcases a solution to your use case. There's nothing more powerful or persuasive to your stakeholders than ditching the static presentations, and showing them a working prototype using data that resonates with them.

Graph-enabled applications for large and complex data

An example graph network analysis application

An example graph network analysis application.

Graph-enabled applications have gained tremendous popularity in recent years due to their ability to address complex questions and work with large and complex data. Social network graph software is one popular example of a graph-enabled application. Tom Sawyer Software supports a wide range of graph-enabled application use cases. Here are just a few:

  • Fraud Detection: Financial institutions and other businesses can use graph-enabled applications to detect fraudulent activities. By modeling transaction data and user behavior, you can create a graph that can identify suspicious activities and flag them for review.

  • Supply Chain Management: Graph-enabled applications can be used to manage complex supply chains. By modeling the relationships between suppliers, manufacturers, distributors, and retailers, you can optimize the flow of goods and reduce costs.

  • Network Management: Graph-enabled applications can be used to manage complex computer networks. By modeling network topology, traffic patterns, and other attributes, you can identify bottlenecks and improve network performance.

By using graphs, you can model complex relationships and patterns in data that are difficult or impossible to detect using traditional analysis methods.

Try a hands-on graph oriented application

Sign up and test drive these sample applications built with Perspectives for an idea of what you can expect from a POC.

Our graph experts have tackled 100s of different use cases, and our graph platform makes it easy to quickly connect to your data and visualize results in minutes. In no time, we'll deliver a fully functioning and interactive web application, customized for one of your use cases.

Financial Fraud example application

Financial Fraud

Explore financial transactions to see if you can spot fraud. See the relationships between potentially fraudulent activities and apply powerful analytics to view the pathways through which transactions occur.


Supply Chain example application

Supply Chain

Quickly spot problematic chains in this real-world example. Explore graph visualizations of the chain of raw materials in different pen styles, and see the graph of locations from which materials are sourced.


Network Editor example application

Network Editor

Interact with the devices and connections in an IT network. Follow color-coded badges, blinking icons, and colored edges to find each device's status, and navigate links to follow the path of connected devices.


The potential of customized graph applications with Tom Sawyer Software

Customized graph applications have become increasingly popular in recent years, as businesses and organizations seek to leverage the power of graph data visualization apps to better understand complex relationships and patterns.

Tom Sawyer Software is a leading provider of graph-based software and graph analytics tools that can help organizations of all sizes to create customized graph applications that meet their specific needs.

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