Tom Sawyer Business Process

Visualize work processes. Efficiently manage tasks across your organization.

Tom Sawyer Business Process is an advanced business process design and execution application created with your entire organization in mind—from managers, to process modelers and task owners.

It provides an intuitive interface for creating BPMN 2.0-compliant processes, and has an integrated process execution engine to ensure processes are run precisely and consistently.

Business Process makes responsibilities clear and enables teams to track tasks and spot bottlenecks, so your entire organization runs smoothly and efficiently.


See Tom Sawyer Business Process modeling and execution engine in action.

Making your business process initiative a reality is fast and easy

Configure Business Process with your departments, users, roles and permissions, and then model your processes and execute them flawlessly. Continuously improve your processes without interrupting currently running processes.

Three steps to make your business process initiative a reality: Configure, Model, Execute.


One-time configuration sets the stage

Identifying the owners of processes and individual tasks is key. To get started, configure the departments, roles, users, and permissions in the Administration module.

LDAP Integration

LDAP Integration

Maintain a single source of truth by integrating with LDAP and automatically populating your organizational hierarchy, roles, and users.
Visual Org Chart

Visual Org Chart

Explore your organizational reporting structure and role assignments using automatically generated drawing views.
User-Based Permissions

User-Based Permissions

Control what each user can see and do in Business Process by configuring individual permissions.

Modeling effective processes is fast, easy, and intuitive

Use the interactive features of the Modeling module to design processes and give task owners the clarity they need.

See a graph of your processes and how they are related to one another with the Process Map

Process Map

Get a bird's-eye view of your network of processes and their relationships to one another. The map is automatically generated from the message events, signal events, and call activities that connect your processes. View processes grouped by department, see only published processes or drafts, and add placeholder processes to build the high-level map before you get into the details.

Efficiently create and visualize processes in the Business Process Modeling module

Process Designer

Start with a blank canvas or save modeling time by copying a similar process to use as a starting point. Drag and drop elements onto the canvas using the palette, and easily undo changes if necessary. 

Automatic diagram layout saves time in the Business Process Modeling module

Automatic Layout

Simplify process modeling and save time with automated process diagram layout. Even the most complex process diagrams are made clear and readable with the click of a button, allowing you to focus on modeling instead of rearranging elements.

Automatically apply swimlanes to processes in the Business Process Modeling module


Automatically apply swimlanes to your process to view activities by role or department. Swimlanes also can be applied to sub-processes, and toggled on or off. And with automated layout, you get a clean drawing that brings clarity to task ownership. 

Visually compare two versions of a process in the Business Process Modeling module

Version Compare

Visually compare the differences between two versions of the process. Easily roll back to a previous version.

Link documents and URLs to tasks in the Business Process Modeling module

Documents & Links

Provide task owners with all the resources they need to complete a task, such as a policy or template. Create and attach a document using the built-in HTML editor, link to documents on a file share, or add a URL to link to an external site.

Standards-based process modeling

Business Process supports the Business Process Model and Notation (BPMN) 2.0 graphical notation developed by the Object Management Group (OMG) for business process modeling.

We are a proud member of OMG.



Quickly identify and correct issues with automated process validation.

Built-in process validation saves time and ensures success

Validate your process models against BPMN 2.0 standards to quickly identify and correct issues before processes are executed.

Click an error in the validation report, and jump right to the issue in your process.

Read how we transformed our operations through effective use of process.

Execute processes precisely. Every time.

The Execution module eliminates the potential confusion of who's supposed to do what and when. It provides structure, eliminates the guesswork, and frees your team to focus on the tasks at hand.
  • Assign tasks, set due dates, and track progress of executing processes

  • Add documents or links to tasks to preserve process artifacts

  • Take action when alerted and let the execution engine do the rest

  • Review metrics to identify bottlenecks and process improvements

  • Run multiple instances of a process

  • Refine process models without disrupting running instances

The Execution module eliminates confusion and allows processes to be run consistently and precisely every time

Take Business Process to the next level

Customize Business Process to meet your organization's needs

Business Process

Customize Business Process to meet your unique organizational needs, whether that's integrating with other internal applications or customizing the look and feel.

Use Tom Sawyer Perspectives to build custom applications to support your processes

Build Custom Applications
to Support Your Processes

Leverage the power of Tom Sawyer Perspectives SDK to build custom applications and integrate them with your business processes.

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