About Us

Bringing clarity to real-world business challenges through effective graph visualization and analysis. 

Graph visualization is what we do

A passion for all things graph is at the core of all we do at Tom Sawyer Software. Since 1992, we've perfected our graph layout technology and gained a reputation as the leader in graph visualization and analysis technology.

Our staff of global graph enthusiasts work tirelessly to support our customers' graph visualization journey, whether that's combating fraud, making sense of complex systems, or analyzing social networks.

A graph of a criminal network

A graph of a criminal network. 

Our journey

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Our passion may be all things graph, but these core values have fueled our longevity


What's with the name Tom Sawyer Software?

We're asked this question. A lot.

Our founders started Tom Sawyer Software with the same enthusiasm, spirit of adventure, and fearless exploration of the literary Tom Sawyer. It's also possible they spent time writing code while listening to the progressive rock band Rush, who has a hit song by the same name.

Today, the name Tom Sawyer represents the hard work, innovation, and "mean, mean pride" that goes into everything we do.  

A graph of microwave network


We're lucky to live and work in these beautiful and culturally rich locations

We're lucky to live and work in these beautiful and culturally rich locations

  • Berkeley, California, USA
  • Mexico City, Mexico
  • Riga, Latvia
  • Heraklion, Crete, Greece
  • Newcastle, Australia