Graph Platform

Get the most out of your company's knowledge base with the power of graphs.

What is a graph platform?

A graph platform is a collection of graph-centric tools that deliver value to enterprises by interpreting complex data, and identifying key trends and relationships in data.

Graph technology, and specifically graph visualization and analysis techniques employed by graph platforms, can be applied across many industries to address complex questions such as: 

  • How can I deliver key insights to decision makers at the right time?

  • How can I optimize my schedules or processes?

  • Are there hidden relationships in the data that can provide clues to understanding?

  • Do trends exist in the data that can help with decision making?

A graph platform enables business insights through powerful graph visualization and analysis.

Why choose a graph platform?

A graph platform may be right for you if any of these issues sound familiar:

  • How often has your business been limited by a legacy database that is set in stone?

  • Where are the gaps that leave valuable institutional knowledge locked in the heads of critical staff members?

  • Is your data spread across multiple systems and data silos?

  • Is your IT department strapped with building and maintaining integrations between systems?

  • Is your decision-making ability restricted by legacy databases that reflect how the software was designed, rather than how your business is structured?

  • Is data presented to users in a way they can understand and utilize to make critical business decisions?

The alternative to using a graph platform is to assemble a set of independent tools to address these concerns. And each tool can bring significant integration challenges that may require custom code to bridge the gaps between those tools.

Perspectives, the industry-vetted graph platform

Perspectives graph platform enables enterprises to produce interactive graph visualization and analysis applications from federated data.
Perspectives graph platform enables enterprises to produce interactive graph visualization and analysis applications from federated data.

Tom Sawyer Software has been developing graph-based applications for more than 30 years. In that time we have engineered a cohesive and integrated set of tools that make it easy to exploit the power of graphs, while remaining agnostic to how that data is persisted and allowing freedom to integrate with other tools. 

Perspectives is an SDK and low-code development platform that employs the power of graphs at its core, providing enterprises with all the tools they need to build and deploy innovative graph applications.

Graph power is at the core of Perspectives

Perspectives and the Tom Sawyer Software Team can get you started with a solid foundation for long-term success with graph technology.

Perspectives graph platform helps you at every stage:

  • developing your information schema,

  • accessing and analyzing your data with our run-time graph model,

  • designing best-in-class visualizations, and

  • supporting deployment.
Knowledge Graphs

Knowledge Graphs

Perspectives can help whether you already have a mature knowledge graph that describes your company's critical business processes and data, or you are on a journey to develop that knowledge graph.

Use the Perspectives schema editor to customize a graph-based schema on top of legacy relational data, or work natively with the graph store you've already invested in. Link your schema to data from one source or from several. 

Graph Model

Graph Model

Whether or not your data is in a graph database, you can programmatically interact with our in-memory graph model using graph-based techniques. Design-time tools make it easy to ignore data silos and present what your users or systems need to be effective and efficient.

Whether you are a programmer or not, APIs are there to help applications come together quickly and function smoothly in operation.

Graph Application Framework

Graph Application Framework

Graphs organize information in a way that matches how people mentally organize information. People also need natural ways to manipulate, interrogate, and search graphs to get at the right questions and answers. 

Our development tools work directly with the knowledge graph you've designed to make it easy to select and combine the best features to address your user's needs for interacting with and authoring information in a graph-based environment. 

Data-Driven Development

Data-Driven Development

A picture can be worth a thousand words, or even a thousand hours. The right visualization can help your users interpret and integrate information to ensure they draw the right conclusion.

Every data element in the schema can be used to convey meaning with every node and edge you draw on the screen. Perspectives can help you to experiment quickly to discover the best way to organize, analyze, visualize, and navigate your data to deliver new value to your end users and your business. 

Graph Databases

Graph Databases

If you're unsure whether you need a graph data store, we can help you explore the limits of the data you have now so you can make a more informed decision. 

We have experience with all the leading graph data stores, both commercial and open source, and can help you make informed decisions based on an examination of your business needs and rapid prototyping with Perspectives graph platform.



Design and package your Perspectives web application and make it ready to deploy in your preferred environment. Applications are compatible with your authentication mechanisms for secure access to data. Deploy your application behind a load balancer and scale service automatically to meet demands. 

Our graph platform helps you integrate and package graph technology for consumption wherever you want to deliver it.

Leveraging institutional knowledge

Whether you have already started on your institution's knowledge map or you are just getting started, you'll find the tools you need to leverage your business knowledge with Perspectives.

You can begin by extracting the schema in your data source to get a head-start on your knowledge graph, or use our schema designer to begin mapping and visualizing that knowledge graph from scratch.

Perspectives can get your end users meaningfully engaged in improving the integrity of your collective business intelligence. 

Knowledge graph as schema

Is your data ready to deliver the answers and insights your end users need?  

Most databases are designed to best address their initial use cases but can present significant limitations when a new question arises, a different analysis is needed, or a new business workflow is required. Legacy databases often reflect how the software was designed, rather than how your business is structured. 

Perspectives' in-memory graph addresses this shortcoming by helping you to design the data schema you wish you had. Your data may be distributed and disconnected, but our in-memory graph lets you work with data that was integrated in real-time, just in time to address your users' needs.

The Perspectives schema editor.

The Perspectives schema editor.

Perspectives allows you to link to data from multiple data sources and connect it in a unified schema that delivers the power you expect from graphs, and the seamless knowledge graph experience your users need. 

The schema provides a solid foundation to build your application quickly.

Learn how to integrate with a Neo4j database

This short video illustrates how easy it is to start with an empty project, connect to a graph database, extract the schema, and see first visualization results within minutes.

Learn more about how to connect to a variety of data sources:


In-memory graph model

The Perspectives model is an in-memory representation of your data, which may be constructed from multiple data sources of different types. This means that you can take advantage of the connected knowledge in your business, even if you have not yet invested in a data lake, graph database, or other data consolidation approach.

With the schema editor you can design an in-memory graph that is suited to the specific problem you are solving, organized in a way that is efficient for the work you want it to do, and isolated from other concerns. Our graph model represents your schema in memory as a collection of nodes, edges, and related attributes. 

The Perspectives schema and graph model underpin our graphical design environment and enable advanced interactions for integrators:

  • Built-in model functions in Perspectives make it easy for less technical people to build data-driven applications with no coding required.

  • Run-time interfaces give experienced developers the power to interact with the model directly as needed, to make it easier to integrate Tom Sawyer Perspectives into other applications, or extend the platform with other tools.

Graph model benefits

The Perspectives model provides the backbone for your application. 

Perspectives leverages the underlying model and APIs to give non-programmers a low-code experience to design their application, including graph editing, graph analytics, and an unsurpassed set of tools for presenting data.

Perspectives also supports an API for access to model elements for experienced programmers with more advanced requirements for integration with other tools. 

The Perspectives graph platform provides these key graph features.

Database agnostic

Scalable to millions of elements

Open API

Automatic binding to source data

Automated commit to graph databases

Graph-native application framework

Knowledge graphs are popular because they align closely to the way people think about the world. 

Our model facilitates how humans navigate data, to enable natural interaction with knowledge graphs at the application layer. 

Perspectives has the tools to create applications that put the full value of graphs in the hands of your users. Here are just a few of the features that make us the leader in graph-based application development:

  • Flexible dashboard layout design

  • Synchronization across multiple views

  • Five fully automated graph layouts

  • Grouping, nesting, and navigation

  • Powerful filtering and search

  • Timeline analysis

  • Graph analytics
Example graph application built with Perspectives.
  1. Design your schema with our editor.

  2. Define how schema elements and data should be displayed, in one or several different views.

  3. Arrange your views to meet the needs of your users.

We take care of synchronization across your views.

Drag the slider to see the before and after.

Before: The Perspectives View Layout editor.
After: The resulting application with a dashboard-style layout.

Data-driven application development

Don't get stuck with a one-size-fits-all approach at graph interaction. Control each and every aspect of your visualization and behavior. Link to other tools as needed, or craft a visualization that looks right at home inside the application you are already supporting.  

Perspectives makes it easy to choose and customize a set of tools that work together to make the best possible experience for your end users.

Perspectives provides amazing flexibility to arrive at beautifully functional designs with no coding required. But, should you need even greater degrees of freedom, you can readily extend those experiences with our API and your custom code.

Case Study: Use-case-driven design

This example application was developed in cooperation with Sanofi and highlights how every element of the drawing may be used to communicate details essential to the user.

Every node and edge, and how they are arranged in the drawing can be used to communicate multiple variables that are meaningful for instant orientation even in the most complex of domains. Embed images, highlight paths, apply color, style, shape and size to draw the user's attention to what matters.

Build the graph that tells your data story clearly and concisely.

Sanofi custom application built with Perspectives

Sanofi custom application built with Perspectives

Choosing the right data store

Choosing a graph-based persistence layer can be a daunting decision. Utility, scalability, reliability, long-term support, and cost all play into your decision. 

Do you know what you want from your graph store so that you can better evaluate the trade offs? 

Don't make assumptions about what your requirements are, or where the bottlenecks might be. Prototype your graph aspirations with Tom Sawyer Software to bring clarity to the decision process, before you make long-term commitments to a specific data storage solution.

We can help quantify your expectations and chart a path to the architecture that will best meet your long-term needs. We have experience with a wide variety of data sources and have worked with all of the leading graph databases including open-source options and a wide variety of legacy data stores.

Considerations when choosing a data store

The questions to ask about graph data stores are the same ones that have always been important to safeguard business data.

Let us help you understand your requirements, analyze your metrics, and evaluate your options.

  • ACID support

  • Performance on sparse versus dense graphs

  • Supported query languages

  • Schema support and indexing

  • Security

  • Multi-tenancy

  • Horizontal scaling

  • Long-term support

Application Deployment

Tom Sawyer Software's graph-based application platform is at home in any environment. We give you the tools to get started with your first application from day one. Whether you need to quickly deploy your application on your favorite cloud hosting platform, such as AWS or Azure, or you want to deploy your application to Docker, Kubernetes, or Terraform, we have you covered.


Local Deployment

Local Deployment

On the desktop, or in a simple web app, if your objective is to serve small groups of people in your organization, Perspectives can help you build and deploy quickly.

Private Cloud

Private Cloud

Do you need an enterprise tool that fits into your secure private cloud architecture? Perspectives supports your authentication solution and can scale up to meet the needs of your growing internal user base.

Public Cloud Applications

Public Cloud Applications

Getting ready to make your application available to the world?  Perspectives applications can be containerized, or can be part of a multi-tenant SaaS offering, based on your go-to-market plans.

See for yourself how easy it is to package and deploy your application with these how-to videos.

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