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Tom Sawyer Perspectives

Perspectives is a low-code graph and data visualization development platform. Use the integrated design and preview interface and extensive API libraries to:

  • Build data-oriented applications fast

  • Federate data from multiple sources

  • Analyze millions of data elements to reveal key insights
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Perspectives is a low-code graph and data visualization development platform for building data-oriented applications fast.

Perspectives 10.0 Now Available

Introducing our most ambitious release to date! 

Support on demand

We are available for any level of support you need—from full-stack development to a simple question.

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Have your own in-house development team? You can license Perspectives and design your own visualization application or integrate visualization into your existing application. We offer remote training and our support staff is always ready to answer questions about our platform and tools.

Joint Partnership

Let’s work together! Developing a graph visualization application can be tricky for those who don’t live graphs the way we do. So let us help out. Our Solution Engineers can get your development team off to the right start and be there for support during implementation.

Full-Stack Development

Want a fully customized turnkey application? We can help. Our team has years of experience working with data models, creating custom schemas, and developing visualization applications using Perspectives. We can contract to build, package, and deploy a full-stack application so you can get to the business of analyzing your data.

[Tom Sawyer Software] makes our product easier to demonstrate, and shows the larger picture to customers.

Tom Sawyer Software always falls in love with the business problem before employing its deep problem solving skills and unparalleled mastery of the data/knowledge visualization and graph analysis domains. The result is innovative yet practical solutions that consistently exceed expectations. Equally important, Tom Sawyer Software collaborates extremely well with other suppliers to deliver capabilities beyond its area of expertise.
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Our Customers

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End-user applications

Model-Based Engineering


Model-Based Engineering


Transform your model definitions into rigorous, customized, user-friendly, and highly interactive visualizations.

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Graph Database Browser


Use Graph Database Browser to create data visualizations of your database. Perform link analysis and interact with your data with ease.


Connect to your favorite graph database to instantly visualize, analyze, and interact with your data.


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Business Process


Business Process


Visually model your business processes and then flawlessly and repeatedly execute them.


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