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Graph visualization is what we do

A passion for all things graph is at the core of all we do at Tom Sawyer Software. Since 1992, we've perfected our graph layout technology and gained a reputation as the leader in graph visualization and analysis technology.

Our staff of global graph enthusiasts work tirelessly to support our customers' graph visualization journey, whether that's combating fraud, making sense of complex systems, or analyzing social networks.

A graph of a criminal network

A graph of a criminal network. 

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Our passion may be all things graph, but these core values have fueled our longevity

Our passion may be all things graph, but these core values have fueled our longevity

Tom Sawyer Software is a place where innovation meets passion, and where our commitment to quality is as unwavering as our dedication to customer satisfaction. As a dynamic and forward-thinking company, we pride ourselves on the ability to rapidly evolve into an industry-leading force.

Our team of experienced professionals are not only experts in their respective fields, but also bring a unique set of skills and a common goal: excellence in everything we do, which fuels collaboration, mutual support, and a shared vision for the future. These are the faces behind the work, the stories behind the expertise, and the personalities that make our workplace vibrant and inspiring. We’re more than colleagues; we’re a family working together to make a positive impact. Welcome to the heart of Tom Sawyer Software – welcome to our exceptional team.


Brendan Madden, CEO

Brendan Madden
As the visionary founder of Tom Sawyer Software since 1992, Brendan has transformed the company into a global leader in high-performance graph and data visualization. With nearly thirty years of experience, Brendan is one of the world's foremost experts in graph and data visualization, graph layout, and graph analysis. He is also an expert in user experience and software architecture.
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KevinMadden, Chief Software Engineer

Kevin Madden
Chief Software Engineer
With over three decades in the software industry, Kevin pioneers innovation as Chief Software Engineer and Board Member. Originally the third software engineer at Tom Sawyer Software, Kevin now shapes the company's server-based products, focused on cutting-edge technologies.
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Uli Foessmeier, VP of Engineering

Ulrich Foessmeier
VP of Engineering
Ulrich is a key figure in Tom Sawyer Software's triumphs, who rejoined in 2017 as VP of Engineering. With two decades of software industry expertise, Ulrich has driven success through intricate projects and global teams, spanning roles from Orthogonal layout specialist to General Manager.
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Marilyn Drobenaire, VP of Finance

Marilyn Drobenaire
VP of Finance
Marilyn brings over 30 years of diverse experience in financial management, auditing, banking, forensic accounting, wealth management, tax preparation, and human resources. As VP of Finance and Board Member, Marilyn oversees Tom Sawyer Software's financial functions for optimal performance.
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Caroline Scharf, VP of Operations

Caroline Scharf
VP of Operations
Caroline is a strategic leader at Tom Sawyer Software, who streamlines company processes, oversees day-to-day operations, and excels in administration with a corporate services focus. As VP of Operations, Caroline has a strong background in software leadership with a passion for optimization and continuous improvement.
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Anna Khachatryan, Associate General Counsel

Anna Khachatryan
Associate General Counsel
Anna is a seasoned legal professional, who spearheads the legal function at Tom Sawyer Software since 2017. Guiding the company through corporate governance, commercial transactions, strategic partnerships, and more, Anna ensures trust amid growth as Associate General Counsel.
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Patrick Madden, Principal Solutions Architect

Patrick Madden
Principal Solutions Architect
As a co-founder of Tom Sawyer Software and now Principal Solutions Architect, Patrick is a seasoned software designer with over two decades of expertise. His pivotal role in crafting the Tom Sawyer Perspectives web framework showcases his dedication to seamless integration in large-scale deployments, particularly in Enterprise environments and the cloud.
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Rudolfs Opmanis, Principal Solutions Architect

Rudolfs Opmanis
Senior Solutions Architect
Since 2007, Rudolfs, a software engineer turned Senior Solutions Architect at Tom Sawyer Software, is a visionary in data visualization and image processing, drawing from extensive customer collaboration, shaping key features in the company's products.
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Wendy Feng, Principal Technical Design Architect

Wendy Feng
Principal Technical Design Architect
A world-renowned expert in graph visualization techniques, Wendy serves as Principal Technical Design Architect for Tom Sawyer Software, notably contributing to Tom Sawyer Perspectives. As a key figure in design and development, Wendy leads the User Experience modernization.
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Ioannis Tollis, Chief Scientist

Ioannis G. Tollis
Chief Scientist
Ioannis is a distinguished professor of computer science at the University of Crete, Greece, and former Director of the Center for ICT. Ioannis has held key roles at FORTH–ICS and Tom Sawyer Software, contributing significantly to graph visualization technology. Currently, he serves as Chief Scientist at Tom Sawyer Software since 2018.
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Austris Krastins, Senior Technical Design Director

Austris Krastins
Senior Technical Design Director
As Senior Technical Design Director, Austris spearheads software architecture design, collaborating with architects and designers. He has contributed significantly to Tom Sawyer Perspectives' evolution. From early development to strategic expansion and recent innovations, he defines excellence.
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Michael Newton, Senior Product Development Director

Mike Newton
Senior Product Development Director
Michael is a cornerstone at Tom Sawyer Software since 1998, starting as a Software Engineer and pioneering the design of the first graph visualization product. Now, as Senior Product Development Director, he spearheads product releases, shapes roadmaps, and enhances operational processes.
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Corinne Koder, Product Development Director

Corinne Koder
Product Development Director
A former customer turned integral team member since 2018, Corinne brings over 20 years of software development expertise to Tom Sawyer Software. As Product Development Director, she guides globally distributed teams, oversees infrastructure systems, and ensures exceptional product development.
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Janet Six, Senior Product Manager

Janet Six
Senior Product Manager
With nearly three decades of experience in graph visualization, Janet, as a Senior Product Manager at Tom Sawyer Software, collaborates with cross-functional teams to shape product strategy, creating efficient data visualization solutions and advocating for innovation while addressing complex enterprise needs.
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Hugo Antunes, Associate Solutions Manager

Hugo Antunes
Associate Solutions Manager
Hugo began his career with Tom Sawyer Software in 2014 as a Products Software Engineer. Evolving into a Solutions Engineer, he now leads the Solutions team, orchestrating tailored applications that address clients' intricate visualization challenges, driving product innovation to meet evolving needs.
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Rihards Opmanis, Senior Product Development Engineer

Rihards Opmanis
Senior Product Development Engineer
As Senior Product Development Engineer at Tom Sawyer Software, Rihards leads the Graph Layout group in enhancing features, tackling functionality issues, and pioneering inventive algorithms for superior graph layout quality. He works on features such as routing and labeling.
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Thanos Giannakis, Senior Product Development Engineer

Thanos Giannakis
Senior Product Development Engineer
Thanos Giannakis leads technical teams to develop robust software systems utilizing graph databases for complex data insights. He has over 9 years of experience in software development and graph-based solutions, with a specialty in web and Java applications, graph database technologies, and knowledge representation.
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Santiago Leon, Senior Product Development Engineer

Santiago Leon
Senior Product Development Engineer
Santiago Leon excels in implementing product features using web technologies to meet customer needs. He has extensive experience supporting customers in aerospace, manufacturing, and systems engineering, and is passionate about making graph technologies accessible.
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Max Chagoya, Associate Product Manager

Max Chagoya
Associate Product Manager
Max Chagoya is a certified PMP, and excels in competitive research, market analysis, and team leadership. He has extensive project management experience leading implementation projects and business technology enhancements.
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Liana Kiff, Senior Consultant

Liana Kiff
Senior Consultant
Liana Kiff brings over twenty years of software innovation and development experience, focusing on graph-based information management, ontology development, and cloud-based services and APIs for enterprise software development.
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Fabian Silva, Senior Consultant

Fabian Silva
Senior Consultant
Fabian specializes in designing features and solutions for product development with a focus on quality. His background is in data analysis and he excels in coding, object-oriented programming, and creating high-level CI/CD pipelines for cloud services.
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Peter Eades, Technical Advisor

Peter Eades
Technical Advisor
Peter is a Research Professor at the University of Sydney, and has pioneered graph visualization since the 1980s. With over a hundred papers and acclaimed as a "Distinguished Researcher," he explores dynamic data sets, uncertainty visualization, and innovative graph drawing algorithms. He currently serves as Technical Advisor for Tom Sawyer Software.
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Paulis Kikusts, Technical Advisor

Paulis Kikusts
Technical Advisor
Paulis is a distinguished professor and leading researcher at the University of Latvia's Faculty of Physics and Mathematics, and pioneered graph theory and computational geometry. His notable contributions include the GRADE project and groundbreaking graph drawing algorithms. He currently serves as Technical Advisor for Tom Sawyer Software.
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We're lucky to live and work in these beautiful and culturally rich locations

We're lucky to live and work in these beautiful and culturally rich locations

  • Berkeley, California, USA
  • Mexico City, Mexico
  • Riga, Latvia
  • Heraklion, Crete, Greece
  • Newcastle, Australia