Meet Our Team - Thanos Giannakis, Senior Product Development Engineer

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Thanos Giannakis

Thanos Giannakis
Senior Product Development Engineer
Tom Sawyer Software
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Role at Tom Sawyer Software

Thanos Giannakis joined Tom Sawyer Software in 2018 as a Software Engineer working on data integration using graph and relational databases. Since 2020, he leads technical teams to orchestrate the development of robust software systems that leverage the power of graph databases to extract insights from complex data structures. Thanos brings over 9 years of expertise in software development, graph database integrations, and graph-based solutions.

Working Background

Prior to joining Tom Sawyer, Thanos served as a Software Engineer and Researcher at the Institute of Computer Science in Crete. There he specialized in the design and development of web and Java applications for high-speed data acquisition and integration. His work extensively covered areas such as graph database technologies, information retrieval, Semantic Web, and knowledge representation, with a particular focus on exploratory search and Linked Data. In addition to his research and development roles, Thanos was also a teaching assistant in Java at the University of Computer Science Department in Crete.


Thanos holds a Master of Software Engineering degree from the University of Computer Science Department in Crete.



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