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Solve Big Data Challenges with Tom Sawyer Perspectives Graph Drawings

Join us for an exciting live webinar where we will showcase the incredible power of Tom Sawyer Perspectives graph drawings in solving big data challenges. Gain valuable insights into how graph drawings can revolutionize your data analysis and decision-making processes!

During this live webinar, we will:

  • Discuss the concept of graph drawings and their relevance in solving big data challenges.

  • Show a live demo of Tom Sawyer Perspectives graph drawings in action.

  • Share practical tips and best practices for effectively utilizing graph drawings for data analysis.



OMG Q4 Technical Meeting: Austin, Texas


OMG Q4 Technical Meeting: Austin, Texas

Object Management Group (OMG) Technical Meetings provide a neutral forum for analysts, architects, consultants, developers, engineers, executives, experts, vendors, and end-users alike to influence, develop, and submit standards that enable technological interoperability across industries.

As members of OMG, we are proud to be a part of today's cutting edge. We look forward to networking with other industry experts and contributing to ongoing initiatives that set the standards of today and define the direction of tomorrow.



DoDIIS Worldwide Conference: Portland, Oregon


DoDIIS Worldwide Conference: Portland, Oregon

Hosted by the Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA), the Department of Defense Intelligence Information System (DoDIIS) Worldwide Conference brings together senior decision-makers, technical experts, and innovators to collaborate and share unique insights. This year's discussions will focus on the necessity to employ technical breakthroughs to deliver intelligence and battlefield advantage.

Our experts look forward to attending this premier information technology conference and collaborating with other trusted industry leaders.

Recent webinars

View our latest recordings to learn more about the advantages of Tom Sawyer Software while also gaining industry insight from our leading graph experts.

Example of the new PageRank centrality feature in Perspectives 12.0.0.

Introducing Tom Sawyer Perspectives 12.0.0 

Learn how Perspectives 12.0.0—the ultimate technology for development of graph visualization and analysis applications, can help you generate your application more quickly, and provide advanced schema editing support.

Gain a Deep Understanding of Your Data with Graph Visualization

Gain a Deeper Understanding of Your Data by Utilizing Graph Visualization

Learn how Perspectives graph visualization can easily identify relationships and trends that may not be apparent through other analytical methods and provide you valuable insights into patterns within your data.

An example of a computer network management application built with Perspectives.

Discover Effective Techniques for Maximizing Results From Complex Data With Data Visualization

Learn how Perspectives data visualization can turn complex data into insightful graphs with effective techniques that can help optimize performance and maximize results.

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