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Webinar - Harnessing Graph Intelligence: Transformative Insights Through Advanced Analytics

In this live webinar, we will discuss the importance and benefits of graph intelligence in applying analytical and computational techniques to extract actionable insights from graphs.

Learn how Tom Sawyer Perspectives enables organizations to more effectively understand complex interdependencies, identify clusters, and predict trends in networked data, offering deeper insights than traditional linear data analysis methods.

Future of Data Visualization Summit

Future of Data Visualization Summit

Prepare to embark on a data-driven journey at the Future of Data Visualization Summit, presented by Group Futurista, where Ulrich Foessmeier, Vice President of Engineering will be a speaker.

This summit promises to be a beacon of insight, showcasing the latest innovations and trends that redefine how we perceive and understand data. This event will unlock the potential of data storytelling, empowering businesses with actionable insights. Join us in shaping the future of decision-making through the art of data visualization! 


34th Annual INCOSE International Symposium

The 34th Annual INCOSE International Symposium is the premier international forum where practitioners, researchers, and educators share their insights, experiences, and innovations furthering the practice of systems engineering. The symposium has occurred every year since 1991 and is the largest annual gathering of the systems engineering community.

Recent webinars

View our latest recordings to learn more about the advantages of Tom Sawyer Software while also gaining industry insight from our leading graph experts.


The Role of Visual Modeling in Centaur Applications

In this webinar with panel expert Joshua Feingold, CTO at Occam Systems, we discussed the role of visual modeling in “centaur” applications.

Unlock the potential of big data with graph analysis

Unlock the Potential of Big Data with Graph Analysis

Learn how to effectively apply graph analysis to Big Data to analyze trends, understand network dynamics, and make more informed decisions based on comprehensive data insights.

Introducing key features in Perspectives 13.0 Beta Release

Introducing Key Features in Perspectives 13.0 Beta

Learn about the advanced technology and key features in the Tom Sawyer Perspectives 13.0 Beta release, that will enable you to derive meaningful insights from your data effortlessly.

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