Tom Sawyer Graph Database Browser

Instantly explore and analyze your graph database.

Tom Sawyer Graph Database Browser is a powerful, easy-to-use web application that instantly visualizes the data in your graph database.

It's designed for data scientists, analysts, architects, and developers to see and analyze graph databases in any browser, without programming.

Get started in three simple steps

Step 1: Log on to Graph Database Browser

Sign in

Use your favorite browser to sign in to Graph Database Browser.

Step 2: Connect to your graph database


Connect to popular graph databases.
Step 3: Instantly visualize and interact with your data


Instantly visualize and interact with the data in your databases.

Navigate data with ease

Whether you're a query language expert or new to database queries, it's easy to navigate your data.

Interactive navigation

Automatically load data directly into the graph drawing using the Load Neighbors option.


Continue loading neighbors in any direction to expand your field of view and focus on areas of interest.

Database queries

Compose Gremlin, Cypher, and SPARQL queries with help from auto-completion and syntax highlighting.


Save frequently used queries for quick access.

Connect to these popular graph databases

Amazon Neptune
Apache TinkerPop
Cambridge Semantics
Azure CosmosDB

Access data from these browsers

Apple Safari
Google Chrome
Microsoft Edge
Mozilla Firefox

Make sense of your data with automated and powerful visualizations

Advanced Layout Style

Advanced layout styles

Choose from five advanced graph layout styles that best visualize your data.

Interaction Capabilities

Interaction capabilities

Interactively zoom, pan, and search your graph.
Customized Appearance

Customized appearance

Apply your own rules to tailor the look and feel of nodes and edges without using code.

Find critical patterns using built-in graph analysis

Find critical patterns using built-in graph analysis

Whether you're looking for potential fraud, intermediaries, or connected components, apply powerful graph algorithms to find the critical patterns in your data.

Choose from these analysis algorithms:

  • Betweenness centrality

  • Bridge detection

  • Closeness centrality

  • Clustering algorithm

  • Eigenvector centrality

  • Shortest path detection

Graph Database Browser Whitepaper

Learn how to accelerate insights of your graph database through automated graph visualization and analysis.

Graph Database Browser Whitepaper

Choose from flexible purchasing and deployment options


  • Purchase on AWS Marketplace
  • Host your application on AWS EC2 instance in any region including AWS GovCloud (US)
  • Flexible usage-based pricing
  • Scale up and down, or turn on and off as needed

Purchase Graph Database Browser on Microsoft Azure

  • Purchase on Microsoft Azure Marketplace
  • Flexible usage-based pricing
  • Scale up and down, or turn on and off as needed

Purchase Graph Database Browser direct from Tom Sawyer Software

  • License direct from us
  • User-based subscription
  • Deploy on a web server in your enterprise cloud or air-gapped environment