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Tom Sawyer Perspectives is a robust platform for building enterprise-class graph and data visualization and analysis applications. It is a complete graph visualization software development kit (SDK) with a graphics-based design and preview environment. The platform integrates enterprise data sources with our powerful graph visualization, layout, and analysis technology to solve big data problems.

Enterprises, system integrators, technology companies, and government agencies use Tom Sawyer Perspectives to build a wide range of applications. It's so powerful that we've also built our own enterprise-ready solutions including:

Design once, preview, and deploy to the web, desktop, or cloud

Design once and deploy to the web, desktop, or cloud

Tom Sawyer Perspectives enables developers to quickly develop production-quality data-oriented visualization applications. Two graphic modules—the Designer and Previewer—are used to build applications to visualize and analyze the specific data that drives each project. Using the Designer, developers extract or define schema, data sources, bindings, rules, views, filters, and searches. Additionally, they can also use the Designer to specify custom toolbars, tooltips, context menus, and graphical viewing and editing behaviors. With the Previewer, they can iteratively view the application design without needing to recompile. When used together, the Designer and Previewer provide an efficient round-trip process that dramatically speeds up application development.

Design once, preview, and deploy to the web and desktop

Tom Sawyer Perspectives is architected to enhance design sharing and reuse and to ease application maintenance through four distinctive innovations:


Use the Designer to create project definitions

Tom Sawyer Perspectives provides a foundation for building enterprise-class graph and data visualization and analysis infrastructure that can dynamically update data from disparate data sources into a unified data model. Further, a powerful federated data commit facility enables writing back to these data sources. New capabilities can be incrementally added without impacting existing designs as the requirements for various applications evolve within an organization.

Tom Sawyer Perspectives Capabilities

Graphics-Based Software

An easy-to-use design environment simplifies development tasks, such as schema extraction and definition, data integration, view definition, and filter and search design. Extensive APIs are provided for additional customization.

Integration with Application Data Models

Model integration APIs allow developers to populate a Tom Sawyer Perspectives data model from an existing in-memory application data model. Tom Sawyer Perspectives also offers a model event system that enables customer applications to listen to changes in the Tom Sawyer Perspectives data model as they occur. Customer applications can then perform processing to keep their application data model up to date.

Data Integration

Data integration supports federated update and commit facilities.

Federated Data Integration

Federated-Data-Integration Federated-Data-Integration Federated-Data-Integration Federated-Data-Integration

Data to View Transformation

Expressions, rules, filters, and configurable data model search help you go from your data model to graphical views of the data. Synchronized viewing and editing ensure context is maintained in all of your views.

Data to View Transformation Data to View Transformation

Multiple Data Views

Available views facilitate visual analysis from different perspectives.

Multiple Data Views Multiple Data Views

Powerful Layout

Layout styles enable the dynamic exploration of prominent relationships in data.

Powerful Layout Powerful Layout

Advanced Drawing and Layout

Our software supports global, incremental, and constraint-based layout with full support for nested diagrams and labeling. The layout system ensures readable edge routing with support for nested connectors, jumpovers, and precise shape clipping. Complexity management techniques support nested drawings with drill-down, collapse, and expand.

Advanced Drawing and Layout Advanced Drawing and Layout

Advanced Graph Analysis

Graph analysis enables next-generation applications that effectively address pressing analytic problems.

Advanced Graph Analysis Advanced Graph Analysis

Diagram Saving

Drawings can be saved and restored across user sessions.

Printing and Exporting

Print preview, multi-page print, and image export to GIF, JPEG, PDF, PNG, and SVG are provided.

Tom Sawyer Perspectives Advantages

Solution Demonstrations

Tom Sawyer Perspectives can be applied to a wide variety of industry settings, including enterprise software and management, big data, financial services, defense and intelligence, life sciences, transportation, and network management. Try our solution demonstrations to see how Tom Sawyer Perspectives might apply to your industry.


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Tom Sawyer Perspectives is available in Java and .NET editions. Select the edition that meets your needs to see additional detail.


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