Graph Database Browser Now on Microsoft Azure Marketplace

Integrate Data from Microsoft Azure Cosmos DB

Tom Sawyer Graph Database Browser is now available on Microsoft Azure Marketplace. It's a powerful, easy-to-use web application that instantly visualizes the data in your graph database.

Azure Marketplace makes it easy to purchase, deploy, and license a certified Graph Database Browser application from within a secure environment.

It's easy to start Graph Database Browser on Azure Marketplace

Step 1: Log on to Graph Database Browser

Sign in

Sign in to the Azure portal and go to the Graph Database Browser product page.
Step 2: Connect to your graph database


Follow the steps in the Getting Started Guide to set up your virtual machine with Graph Database Browser on Azure Marketplace.
Step 3: Instantly visualize and interact with your data


Instantly visualize and interact with the data in your databases.

Integrate Data from
Microsoft Azure Cosmos DB

Perspectives now supports Microsoft Azure Cosmos DB. Azure Cosmos DB is a fully managed NoSQL database service known for its fast writes and reads. Its automatic scaling and serverless database connections make it a favorite among retailers, IoT analysts, and cyber security technicians.

Azure Cosmos DB joins Neo4j, JanusGraph, Amazon Neptune, and more in the ever-growing list of popular graph databases available for analysis in Perspectives.

Azure Cosmos DB


Visualizing and Analyzing
Microsoft Azure Cosmos DB Data Whitepaper

Learn how to use Perspectives to visualize and analyze data stored in a Microsoft Azure Cosmos DB instance.

Graph Database Browser Whitepaper

Purchase and deploy Graph Database Browser with ease

  • Purchase on Microsoft Azure Marketplace
  • Flexible usage-based pricing

  • Scale up and down, or turn on and off as needed