AWS Marketplace Now Offers the Tom Sawyer Graph Database Browser

Tom Sawyer Perspectives 9.0.0 Is Now Available

  • New Launch Center for starting modules and documentation
  • Graph and Data Visualization adds
    • Support for Microsoft Excel schema extraction
    • Reduced edge crossings in orthogonal layout
  • Model-Based Engineering adds ability to apply user-defined colors to objects
  • Graph Database Browser adds a user-friendly embedded query editor
  • Business Process adds automated creation of lanes

Introduction to Tom Sawyer Perspectives

Watch this video to see how you can visualize
and interactively explore the connections in your data

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"[Tom Sawyer Software] makes our product easier to demonstrate, and shows the larger picture to customers."

Company News

Tom Sawyer Software to Demonstrate at NIST MBE Summit 2020

March 11, 2020. NIST MBE Summit 2020: Learn How Our Technology Solves Problems.

Tom Sawyer Software to Exhibit at OMG Reston 2020

February 26, 2020. Working Together to Develop SysML Standards and Elevate MBSE Solutions at OMG Reston 2020.

Tom Sawyer Software to Sponsor and Exhibit at IBM IoT Exchange 2020

February 12, 2020. Exchanging Data and Analytics Intelligence to Transform Business Operations.

Product News

Introducing Tom Sawyer Launch Center and Schema Extraction for Microsoft Excel

December 11, 2019. Tom Sawyer Perspectives 9.0.0 Also Includes Improved Performance and New Model-Based Engineering Features.

Introducing Schema Extraction for Microsoft Excel and Improved Performance

November 6, 2019. Tom Sawyer Perspectives 9.0.0 Second Beta Also Includes New Model-Based Engineering Features, Improved Orthogonal Layout, and Automatic Lane Creation in Business Process.

Announcing Support for Schema Extraction, Designer Analysis Integration, and Amazon Neptune

September 25, 2019. Tom Sawyer Perspectives 8.3.2 for .NET includes Save to Graph Databases and Connector Customization.

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