AWS Marketplace Now Offers the Tom Sawyer Graph Database Browser

Tom Sawyer Perspectives 8.3 Beta Is Now Available

  • Graph and Data Visualization supports Neo4j 3.5.1, AWS IAM, and Amazon Neptune RDF
  • RDF schema extraction supports Amazon Neptune, AllegroGraph, and Stardog
  • Enhanced node growth model, connector constraints, and connector label rotation
  • Model-Based Engineering adds graphics enhancements and saving changes to diagrams
  • Graph Database Browser supports JanusGraph and AWS IAM

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"[Tom Sawyer Software] makes our product easier to demonstrate, and shows the larger picture to customers."

Company News

MBSE Cyber Experience Symposium 2019: Demystify Ontologies and Complex Model Diagrams with Graph Visualizations

April 24, 2019. Discover How MBSE and Graph Visualizations Power Automotive and Aerospace and Defense Cloud-Based Systems Engineering Environments.

Built with ChemAxon, Neo4j, and Tom Sawyer Perspectives, Sanofi’s Chemical Similarity Graph Application Debuts at ChemAxon User Meetings

March 22, 2019. Sanofi Invites Tom Sawyer Software to Co-present Its Chemical Similarity Graph Application at ChemAxon User Meetings Worldwide.

Oracle and Tom Sawyer Software to Demonstrate Integrated Machine Learning, BDSG, and Graph Visualization Solutions at the Analytics and Data Summit 2019

February 20, 2019. Oracle Labs to Use Anomaly Detection and Graph Analytics to Find and Visualize Malicious Network Packets.

Product News

Neo4j 3.5.1, AWS IAM, and Amazon Neptune RDF Support Enhances Data Access and Enterprise Security

March 27, 2019. Tom Sawyer Perspectives 8.3 Beta Enhancements Include Connector Customization, Model-Based Engineering Graphics, and Graph Database Browser Support for JanusGraph and AWS IAM.

Announcing JanusGraph and Stardog Support and a Boost in Performance for Large Graph Visualizations

November 15, 2018. Breakthrough in Large Graph Support with Faster Loading and Rendering Delivered in Tom Sawyer Perspectives 8.2.2.

Tom Sawyer Graph Database Browser for Amazon Neptune, Apache TinkerPop, and Neo4j Now Available on AWS Marketplace

November 7, 2018. Amazon Neptune Users to Gain Hands-on Experience with the Tom Sawyer Graph Database Browser at AWS re:Invent 2018.

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