Our mission is to build the data-driven, visually configured organization. We intend to lead this revolution. Join us!

—Brendan Madden, Chief Executive, Tom Sawyer Software

At Tom Sawyer Software, we take "mean, mean pride" in what we do, whether it's producing the very best graph and data visualization and analysis software, helping our top-tier customers and partners digitally transform their organizations, or attracting and retaining top, global talent.

Our company was founded and built nearly 30 years ago, and family is what our employees are. Many of our staff have worked here for more than a decade or are returning employees. We support all lifestyles and encourage work-life balance by offering home office locations and flexible or part-time work schedules with benefits.

Our dedicated staff includes people with doctorates and are some of the most talented and friendly people that you'll find anywhere. When you join Tom Sawyer Software, you know you've become part of something special.

We provide competitive medical benefits, compensation packages, and savings plans, supplemented with other perks such as tuition reimbursement and sabbatical.

Our employees enjoy top-notch, modern facilities and equipment at our locations in some of the most beautiful and culturally rich cities.

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