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Colruyt Group to Showcase Innovative Business Transformation Application Built with Tom Sawyer Perspectives at Big Data Paris 2019

Big Data Paris Attendees to Get a Sneak Peek at New Integration with AWS IAM, Amazon Neptune RDF, Neo4j, JanusGraph, and Stardog

Berkeley, CA, February 6, 2019—Tom Sawyer Software, the global leader in graph and data visualization and analysis technology, will return to Big Data Paris on March 11 and 12, 2019. We are honored to have our customer, Colruyt Group, demonstrate their innovative business transformation application, Master Data Visualizer.

The application, which was built with Tom Sawyer Perspectives, supports massive legacy system migration. During our joint workshop, Wouter Verstraete of Colruyt Group will demonstrate integrating system dependencies across hundreds of projects and visualizing them to facilitate stakeholder decision making.

To find out how the Master Data Visualizer accelerates business transformation, attend our joint workshop:

"Accelerate Business Transformation with the Master Data Visualizer" on March 12 in Room D, 10:30 a.m.

Project Manager of Coluryt Group, Wouter Verstraete, presenting during our joint workshop at Big Data Paris 2018

Visit booth B34 to talk to our graph and data visualization experts and see demonstrations of the industry's latest graph and data visualizations. Learn about our advanced integrations with Amazon Web Services (AWS), Amazon Neptune, Neo4j, Oracle, JanusGraph, and Stardog. The integrations are included in our Tom Sawyer Perspectives' Graph and Data Visualization software development kit and Graph Database Browser.

Discover Tom Sawyer Graph and Data Visualization and Graph Database Browser that include rapid integration with Amazon Neptune, Neo4j, Oracle, and other data sources

We look forward to seeing you at Big Data Paris 2019. Click to register with a 30% off discount.

Contact us to schedule a time to meet at the conference, try a free demonstration, or request an evaluation. Learn more about why Airbus, Colruyt Group, JPL, NASA, Toyota, and others turn to Tom Sawyer Perspectives to help them federate big data and visualize and analyze connections with speed, scale, and quality to accelerate business transformation.

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Tom Sawyer Software is the leading provider of software and services that enable organizations to build highly scalable and flexible graph and data visualization and analysis applications. These applications are used to discover hidden patterns, complex relationships, and key trends in large and diverse datasets. Tom Sawyer Software serves clients with needs in link analysis; network topology; architectures and models; schematics and maps; and dependencies, flows, and processes. We help clients federate and integrate their data from multiple sources and build the graph and data visualization applications that are critical to analyzing and gaining insight into their data.

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