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Sescoi Integrates Tom Sawyer Visualization into its WorkPLAN ERP Solutions

Tom Sawyer Visualization Helps Sescoi Simplify Project Management and Avoid Dependency and Timeline Issues

Oakland, CA, March 23, 2009—Tom Sawyer Software, the premier provider of high-performance visualization, layout, and analysis systems, announced today that it is now assisting Sescoi in helping their customers simplify project management.

Sescoi has been developing powerful yet easy-to-use manufacturing software solutions since 1987. Their manufacturing management tools include the MyWorkPLAN job management and WorkPLAN Enterprise ERP systems for custom manufacturers.

MyWorkPLAN helps users produce accurate quotations, control costs, and meet delivery dates through the efficient management of jobs and projects. After Sescoi integrated Tom Sawyer Visualization into their MyWorkPLAN software, they were so impressed with the results that they embedded Tom Sawyer Visualization into their new WorkPLAN Enterprise ERP solution. WorkPLAN Enterprise is a complete ERP system that includes MyWorkPLAN software and complements its functionality with a full range of powerful manufacturing resource planning modules. WorkPLAN Enterprise, with the integration of Tom Sawyer Visualization, was released in 2008.

Sescoi decided to adopt Tom Sawyer Visualization, ActiveX Edition, because it provides advanced and intuitive graphical tools for their end users. It was easily integrated into MyWorkPLAN and WorkPLAN Enterprise.

Using Tom Sawyer Visualization, Sescoi added the "links between tasks" screen of the WorkPLAN solution's scheduling module. Users can now visualize the connections between tasks in each work schedule. After they create the list of tasks and assemblies, the visualization component creates an organized drawing for users. Nodes represent each task, with task details inside of each node. Users can create lines to connect tasks, and click a layout button to automatically rearrange the drawing into an easy-to-understand project schedule.

The incorporation of Tom Sawyer Visualization allows MyWorkPLAN and WorkPLAN Enterprise users to graphically depict relationships between tasks. By revealing the task deadlines and critical dependencies between tasks, users can easily create accurate project plans. In addition, users can take steps to avoid dependency and timeline issues that would occur without proper planning.

According to Jordi Ferrer, Sescoi's ERP Business Development Manager, "The graphical tool from Tom Sawyer is very powerful and intuitive. After integrating it into our products, our users can easily create links between tasks and automatically rearrange the view in a clear and organized way."

About Sescoi

For over 20 years, Sescoi has been developing software solutions renowned for their quality, reliability, ease of use, and automatic features, as well as for world-class technical support and service.

Sescoi has established sales and support offices across the United States, Europe, and Asia in order to serve thousands of local and international customers from a range of industries.

Sescoi's software solutions include:

  • WorkNC, a range of automatic CAM/CAD solutions for 2- to 5-axis milling
  • WorkNC-CAD, a uniform CAD solution for the entire manufacturing process
  • WorkXPlore 3D, an advanced 3D data visualization, interrogation, and analysis solution
  • WorkPLAN Enterprise, a new generation ERP solution for custom manufacturers
  • MyWorkPLAN, a cost-effective and easy-to-use job management system

With many years of business, engineering and software development experience, Sescoi understands customers' requirements, helps them master the challenges of new software implementation, and helps them build long-term businesses.

About Tom Sawyer Software

Tom Sawyer Software is the leading provider of software and services that enable organizations to build highly scalable and flexible, graph and data visualization and analysis applications. These applications are used to discover hidden patterns, complex relationships, and key trends in large and diverse data sets. Tom Sawyer Software products are used by software companies and systems integrators, and by enterprises and governments. Organizations in Telecommunications, Financial Services, Defense and Intelligence, Health Care and Life Sciences, and Manufacturing use our software and services to maximize their data assets in order to make more informed and timely decisions.

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