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Tom Sawyer Software Announces Excellent New Version 4.0 Release

Milestone Version Significantly Enhances Entire Product Family

Oakland, CA, August 17, 2001—Tom Sawyer Software today announced the upcoming availability of an entire series of significantly upgraded graph visualization products. The first product, scheduled for release this month, is the Graph Editor Toolkit for Java, Version 4.0, along with its companion product the Graph Layout Toolkit for Java, Version 4.0.

This new release represents the most significant upgrades to Tom Sawyer Software's products in several years and represents a superb new architecture base from which to expand the company's offerings. Thousands of improvements have been made. The flexibility, feature set, and reliability of each of the product families has been enhanced in the areas of graph data model, drawing architectures, automatic graph layout, diagramming, graphics, user interface, and API flexibility.

Additional versions are heading into beta test and subsequent release in the Fall of 2001. New product versions will soon be available for C++, MFC, ActiveX, High-Speed Java Graph Layout Servers, and new Pure Java Graph Layout Applet Clients. Tom Sawyer Software has also strengthened its practice in portable C++ and Java technology, Microsoft technology, and Web applications development in Java.

The staff at Tom Sawyer Software has met with hundreds of customers and implemented hundreds of their requests. Further enhancements have been made based un feedback received by our customer support team. Tom Sawyer Software is a market leader in bioinformatics, telecommunications, e-business, knowledge management, software engineering, and financial applications.

Specifically, the company has implemented the following

Brendan P. Madden, Chief Executive Officer of Tom Sawyer Software, said, "We believe that Tom Sawyer Software's upcoming technology and best of breed approach will clearly set the company apart competitively now and in the coming years. In addition, our customers appreciate receiving prompt, courteous, and knowledgeable customer support. Our engineers interact directly with our customers to help them solve problems."

About Tom Sawyer Software

Tom Sawyer Software is the leading provider of software and services that enable organizations to build highly scalable and flexible graph and data visualization and analysis applications. These applications are used to discover hidden patterns, complex relationships, and key trends in large and diverse datasets. Tom Sawyer Software serves clients with needs in link analysis; network topology; architectures and models; schematics and maps; and dependencies, flows, and processes. We help clients federate and integrate their data from multiple sources and build the graph and data visualization applications that are critical to analyzing and gaining insight into their data.

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