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Tom Sawyer Software Releases Graph Editor Toolkit for Java

Incremental Layout Facilities Among Enhancements in New Release

Berkeley, CA, February 4, 2000—Tom Sawyer Software, the leading vendor of scalable and incremental graph layout technology, today announced the general availability of the Graph Editor Toolkit for Java, Version 3.1. The Graph Editor Toolkit for Java is a 100% Pure Java API technology that enables developers to quickly introduce scalable layout technology into their applications. Enhancements in this release provide high-performance servlet configuration and layout tailoring options for client/server graph layout. Incremental layout has also been introduced.

The Graph Editor Toolkit for Java provides elegant application-programmer interfaces built with a state-of-the-art command and state pattern architecture, automatic graph layout, high-performance rendering, customizable menu structures and mouse event handling, and capable diagram editing.

The Graph Editor Toolkit for Java, Version 3.1, includes the following new features

"Running computationally intensive layout algorithms on a server has gained acceptance in the development community, where the thin-Java client paradigm is proving itself very appropriate," said Brendan Madden, Chief Executive Officer of Tom Sawyer Software. "Having simplified both the client and the server configuration, we fulfill the promise of an easy-to-use portable layout server integrated with an optimized 100% Pure Java client."

The Graph Editor Toolkit for Java can be used in applets and stand alone applications. Because it adheres to the JavaBeans specification, it supports the wide range of commercially available Java Integrated Development Environments. It is compatible with JDK 1.1, JDK 1.2, and JDK 1.3, and support Swing.


The Graph Editor Toolkit for Java, Version 3.1, is available now.

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