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Tom Sawyer Software Showcased Cyber Threat Analytics and Visualizations at Analytics and Data Summit and MBSE Solution at OMG Technical Meeting

Graph and Data Visualization Community Discovered Global Knowledge Graph and SysML-Compliant Solution

Berkeley, CA, June 13, 2018—Tom Sawyer Software, a global leader in graph and data visualization and analysis technology, strengthened its 10+ year partnership with Oracle at the Analytics and Data Summit in California. We also demonstrated our Model-Based Systems Engineering (MBSE) solution at the OMG Technical Meeting in Virginia. Both March events took advantage of the innovations in Tom Sawyer Perspectives, Version 8.1.

Tom Sawyer Software was honored to be selected by the Oracle Business Intelligence (BI), Data Warehousing, and Analytics (BIWA) user community to present its powerful graph and data visualization innovations at the Summit. In addition, we co-led the OMG SysML 2.0 Visualization Focus Area at the OMG Technical Meeting. Tom Sawyer Software will continue to contribute at a high level at the OMG Technical Meeting in Boston in June and at Oracle events later this year.

Our team at the Analytics and Data Summit (left) and the OMG Technical Meeting (right)
discuss how to use Tom Sawyer Perspectives to visualize connections in data for complex systems

Analytics and Data Summit at Oracle's Headquarters

The Analytics and Data Summit attracts the top Oracle BI, data warehouse, advanced analytics, big data, and spatial and graph experts. This year included the annual Oracle Spatial Summit with engaging presentations on topics such as visualizing knowledge graphs, using property graphs, and analyzing Blockchain and Bitcoin transaction data.

Joining the prestigious group of presenters at the event, our Chief Software Engineer and recognized graph visualization expert, Kevin Madden, presented the Global Database of Events, Language, and Tone (GDELT) Global Knowledge Graph. Every 15 minutes, Google captures the world's news into the GDELT. Kevin explained how cyber security investigators and intelligence analysts use the power of Tom Sawyer Perspectives to visualize terabytes of data from the Global Knowledge Graph and save results back to the Oracle Spatial and Graph database.

See us again next year at the Summit on March 12–14, 2019.

Tom Sawyer Perspectives transforms terabytes of data from GDELT (left) into cyber security analytics and visualizations (right)

OMG Technical Meeting in Reston, Virginia

OMG Technical Meetings provide a neutral forum to discuss, develop, and adopt standards that enable software interoperability for a wide range of industries. During the event, we demonstrated our powerful graph and data visualization and analysis capabilities, including new solutions for SysML-compliant MBSE and BPMN-compliant Business Process, both built on Tom Sawyer Perspectives.

Our MBSE solution, integrated with No Magic MagicDraw and Teamwork Cloud, is the first to support iterative desktop and web-based access. It helps organizations automate custom and SysML diagram production and makes models accessible to all stakeholders.

Our MBSE solution instantly transforms your MBSE definitions into rigorous SysML or customized visualizations that are user friendly and interactive

Attendees also learned about our Business Process solution and how it helps organizations leverage BPMN to rapidly design, validate, standardize, execute, and improve their business operations. Tom Sawyer Business Process enables visual process modeling and automated execution of complex business processes.

We're looking forward to seeing you at upcoming industry events this summer, including the OMG Technical Meeting in Boston and the INCOSE International Symposium in Washington, DC.

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