Geospatial Intelligence


The Intelligence Community refers to the use and analysis of geospatial information to assess geographically referenced activities on Earth as geospatial intelligence (GEOINT). GEOINT is provided by the National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency.

GEOINT is important because it provides invaluable information about the activities of our adversaries that may help shape foreign policy, fight wars, locate targets, respond to natural disasters, or even navigate with a cellphone.

Geospatial intelligence analysis is used to plan for and analyze cyber-threats and attacks. These events are carried out by multiple parties and malicious code striving to remain hidden in plain sight. Tom Sawyer Perspectives automatically integrates geospatial information, network topologies, and other relevant data into a single, unified map view to help investigators identify, visualize, and analyze persons of interest and track them down.

Our Geospatial Intelligence solution provides real-time visualization and navigation of physical and logical data utilizing our powerful graph analysis and visualization technology. The solution integrates with a wide variety of network topology vendor's data sources and databases, such as Oracle 12c, Oracle Big Data Spatial and Graph, Neo4j, and DataStax.

Finally, intelligence analysts have a unified view of geospatial intelligence and network topologies combined with timelines, link analysis, maps, trees and many other powerful, built-in analytics.


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