Model-Based Engineering

Rigorous SysML and Custom Diagrams
Generated Instantly

Twenty-first century design and manufacturing depend on digital transformation. That's why model-based systems engineering (MBSE) and diagram automation are taking off. See how we instantly transform your system model definitions into rigorous, customized, user-friendly, and highly interactive visualizations. Watch a video.

Available now! Tom Sawyer Perspectives, Version 8.0, Beta, with MBSE visualizations for the desktop and web, and integration with Teamwork Cloud and MagicDraw.

MBSE with Automated SysML and Custom Diagrams


Customers in a Variety of Industries Use Our Solution to
Visualize SysML-compliant and Custom Diagrams

MBSE with Automated SysML and Custom Diagrams

Powered by Tom Sawyer Perspectives, our Model-Based Engineering solution:

  • Enables users to generate 100s of rigorous diagrams in minutes rather than weeks
  • Automates the arrangement of elements in the diagram, greatly reducing manual effort
  • Presents desktop and web views for all key stakeholders
  • Provides interactive navigation, filtering, automated layout, zooming, and analysis

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  • Data-driven: complete, correct, and current
  • SysML and customized proprietary diagrams
  • Diagram types include Block Definition Diagram, Internal Block Diagram, Activity Diagram and more
  • User-friendly, customizable views
  • Live integration of real-time model and system data
  • Interactive, sortable tables, geographic views, and timelines

MBSE Video Demonstration:
Visualize a Complex System Model

MBSE Video Demonstration:
Visualize a Complex System Model

Watch this video demonstration to see how you can use our Model-Based Engineering solution, powered by Tom Sawyer Perspectives, to instantly visualize a variety of SysML diagrams.

MBSE SysML Customer Case Study

Global Leader in the Aerospace Industry

Problem: Systems engineers were spending 80% of their time manually rearranging and validating diagrams. Review and update of 75 diagrams required four engineer-weeks of manual effort.

Solution: Tom Sawyer Perspectives was integrated with the customer's systems engineering tool, MagicDraw, to automatically generate SysML-compliant, consistent, readable and semantically rich diagrams.

Result: One engineer produced 400 diagrams in less than an hour—an 800x improvement in productivity. Rigorous diagram generation algorithms built into our software made this increase possible.


Integration Partners and Standards


Integration Partners and Standards

Research reflects that 10% of systems engineers currently use MBSE. That is projected to grow to 90% over the next ten years. To stay on top of this shift, we co-lead the visualization focus area of the OMG SysML 2.0 Working Group and are members of INCOSE, OMG, and USGIF.

Tom Sawyer Perspectives interfaces with leading modeling tools and databases including MagicDraw, Rhapsody, Neo4j, Oracle 12c, Titan, and many others.

Explore a Live Demonstration of MBSE and SysML Automated Visualizations

Explore Tom Sawyer Perspectives hands-on with our cloud-based MBSE and SysML demonstration. View and navigate a hybrid SUV system model and various diagram types including Block Definition Diagram, Internal Block Diagram, and custom Iconic Internal Block Diagram. Filter, search, analyze, rearrange elements, expand, collapse, zoom, pan, and print the model.

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Try a Live Demonstration Now